Online lessons are available through Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom allows you to have online face to face lessons where video footage you provide can be discussed or Stephanie can answer any specific questions you may have. Zoom also allows you to livestream video footage from your arena on a cellular device. If you wear a headset you can communicate directly with Stephanie as you are riding. This offers you as close to a traditional lesson as possible without the need to travel to the same location. Both of these options allow us to focus on your individual struggles so that you can proceed with confidence in your equine journey.

Riding in an Arena

If you are interested in scheduling an Online Lesson please contact us using the form below so that we can go over the specifics of what you would like to discuss or work on during your lesson as well as set up an appropriate time that works for both of us. We look forward to being a valuable asset on your path to success from afar.

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