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Included in your membership are:

Groundwork and Riding Exercises

Included in your membership is full access to ground work and riding exercises designed to improve your feel and timing while improving your horse’s relaxation, suppleness, and self-carriage. Several new exercises are added monthly so you always have new material to try.

Each exercise comes complete with videos demonstrating and explaining the exercises as well as a downloadable PDF files with written instructions and helpful diagrams so you can easily practice.

Full Length Training Sessions

Wondering how and when to use the exercises we teach? Your membership also includes full length training session videos where you can see us putting the exercises we are teaching you into practice.

This helps you understand how you can combine and use the exercises to improve your horse’s relaxation, suppleness, and self-carriage. Watching our training sessions can also help you develop your eye so you can start to recognize what you are trying to achieve. You will see how the horses progress and examples of our exercises being done with a variety of different horses, which will help you apply the exercises to your own horse.

Special Topics

Need help with a specific task such as trailer loading, tying, or mounting? We provide in-depth videos and articles to address your struggles and teach you how to master the situation.

Included in every video and article are links to exercises that will come in handy. These exercises will help prepare you for the situation and develop the skills necessary to be successful.

Questions Answered

As you continue on your journey, questions will pop up. Send them to us and we will be sure to answer them in our frequent Q and A videos to give you the support you need to grow.

Do you have questions you can’t quite put in words? Send us a video clip and it might be featured in a video critique! In each video critique you will watch as a member applies our methods to achieve relaxation, suppleness, and self-carriage in a variety of situations. You will hear us on the video explaining where the member could improve and where the member is doing a great job. This is often more relatable and useful to members than watching our training sessions because you can learn from the successes and failures of members at a similar level to you.

Community Forum

Looking for additional support? Our online membership connects you with other members through our forum. Here you can ask for advice, share your wins or struggles, learn from what others have asked, and feel safe with a community of equestrians who put their horse first.

In the often isolating equestrian community it is great knowing that there are others working on the same stuff you are. You won’t feel as alone on your journey and will have the support to truly give your best to your horse.

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