Free Heart Stables offers several different lease options for students interested in rated shows or casual riding. All lease programs include weekly lessons and are subject to availability of a suitable horse. Call us to learn more today.

Rated Show Lease Program

Showing in the 0.80s Jumper Class

This lease program is ideal for advanced riders looking to show in the rated shows, but not ready to make the leap of buying their own horse just yet. The Rated Show Lease Program is a full lease where the student is able to ride their leased horse up to 6 days a week. The horse receives one training ride per week in order to keep the horse in the best possible mental and physical shape. In addition, students receive 2 group lessons per week where they are able to continue to grow as a rider and prepare for shows. This lease requires a 6 month minimum commitment and the student is responsible for getting the horse out at minimum 5 days per week. If the student can not do this other arrangements must be made at the student’s expense.

The Rated Show Lease Program costs $2,400 per month. Show Fees are in addition to the lease fee.

Half Lease Program

Jumping Bareback

This lease program is ideal for casual or motivated riders looking to ride on their own in between lessons, but not ready to make the leap of buying their own horse just yet. This lease program is flexible depending on your individual goals and ability. Some show opportunities are available to half leasers. All leases include a minimum of one group lesson a week and one unsupervised ride a week. Contact us today to discuss your budget and availability and we can create a custom package for you.

The Half Lease Program starts at $850 per month.

Horses Available for Lease

Below are our horses available for Full or Half Leases. If you are interested in leasing please contact us today to schedule a time to try our horses and see if they are a good fit for you.

Nabokovia “Tyra”

Tyra Jumping

Nabokovia is a fun, sensitive, willing mare looking ready to do the Hunters, Equitation, and Jumpers this year. She is currently schooling 2’6”, but can easily move up again in height with a new leaser. She also has a strong dressage background making her suitable for someone looking to improve their flat work. Lease includes priority at all shows although showing is optional. Nabokovia is available up to 5 days per week.

Snuffy Smith “Snuffy”

Snuffy Jumping

Snuffy is a solid, safe fun horse looking for someone to get him out more and enjoy what he has to offer. He’s good in the ring, on trails, bareback, bitless, basically perfect for a teenager or young adult looking to have a blast. Snuffy currently jumps 2’ but will be working back to 3’6” by the end of the season. He is solid enough to take someone over their first fence, but fun for the rider who wants to fine tune their skills or get into the show ring. Priority will be given to a leaser with strong flatwork or position that can help get Snuffy back in shape and working correctly over his top line. Show / trail / fun off property schooling days are all available to a qualified leaser. Option to lease 2-4 days per week.