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Instructional Services

Free Heart Stables welcomes all ages and skill levels into our lesson program. If you are not located at Indian Hills Ranch in Milpitas, our instructor travels in the San Francisco South Bay Area. Private and semi-private lessons are available depending on rider’s skill level.

Free Heart Stables offers lessons primarily in the English disciplines and specializes in helping riders who are struggling with fear or horse behavioral issues. All of our lessons include ground work because we believe that a rider should have a relationship with their horse on the ground before mounting. We also offer lessons only in ground work. For more information on our instructor, Stephanie Walker, please see our About Us page.

Lessons must be scheduled in advance and must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice or payment will be due. Lessons are not guaranteed to be the exact specified time. They may run 5 minutes under to 15 minutes over depending on the skills being worked on and the rider’s fitness level. This ensures every lesson ends on a good note.

Individual Lesson Pricing

⚛ $65 / 45 min Private

• A standard lesson length which would normally include 15 minutes of ground work and 30 minutes of under saddle work, although actual times will depend on what is being worked on.

• Students who are not yet able to tack and untack their horse on their own will be given an extra 15 minutes to include these processes in their lesson, giving about 10 minutes for ground work and 20 minutes for under saddle work depending on how efficient the tacking and untacking process is.

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⚛ $50 / 60 min Semi-Private

• Only available on a limited basis for riders who are competent at the walk and trot off a lunge line.

• Students are expected to tack up and untack outside of their lesson time.

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⚛ $25 Lesson Horse Use Fee / Student / Lesson

• Applies to all types of lessons if you are not using your own horse for the lesson. Therefore a private lesson on a lesson horse is $90 and a semi-private is $75.

Lesson Packages

⚛ Horsemanship Program $600 / month

• Includes 1 private lesson (normally priced at $65), 1 training ride (a $55 value), and 1 private lesson on a lesson horse (a $90 value)

• Allows student to experience the benefits of riding multiple horses and become a well-rounded horseman

• Keeps student’s own horse on track with one training ride per week so that both student and horse progress quickly

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Teaching Philosophy

Free Heart Stables’ riding program centers on building a solid foundation both in and out of the saddle. Rider’s position is a constant focus in order to ensure that riders are safe and able to move forward in their riding. Groundwork is utilized to help riders develop the horsemanship, feel, and timing necessary to communicate effectively with the horse, resulting in a more relaxed and willing partner. An emphasis is placed on the rider’s physical and mental preparedness for tasks to ensure confidence and enjoyment, both critical to the continuation of a rider’s career. Each lesson is tailored specifically to the individual to address their unique needs and goals. This allows riders to get the most out of each lesson, resulting in greater confidence, learning, and enjoyment.