Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find some common questions about the services we offer as well as all the information you need to know before showing up to an appointment. Click on a question below to get the answer. If you don’t find your question here, please feel free to contact us using any of the methods on the Contact Page.


What should I bring or wear to my lesson?

Please wear long pants and a sturdy, enclosed toe shoe with a heel. If you own an ASTM Approved / SEI Certified riding helmet please bring it. Bike helmets do not provide enough protection in the event of a fall. If you don’t own a helmet we can happily provide one for your use.

When should I arrive?

Depending on the service requested, you will need to arrive at a different time.

If you have previously ridden with us and are able to tack up on your own, are riding your own horse, or have selected a training without the tacking service included please arrive 15 to 30 minutes in advance of your appointment time in order to prepare your horse. You will be expected to show up in the arena ready to ride at your appointment time.

If you have not ridden with us or are not able to tack up on your own, please arrive by your appointment time and we will help you tack your horse up for your lesson.

Arriving late will shorten your lesson time as we have other clients after you to accomodate.

What age / experience level are these lessons suitable for?

Lessons are suitable for all ages and experience levels. We offer beginner lessons for kids and adults just learning to ride, jumping and dressage lessons on our more advanced lesson horses, as well as all levels of lessons for those with their own horse in a variety of disciplines.

How should I prepare my horse for a training ride?

Please thoroughly groom and tack up your horse for the training ride. If you need help accomplishing this or your horse is young we can use some or all of the training ride working on grooming and tacking. If you would like a ground work session there is no need to tack up, but please thoroughly groom your horse. There is no need to perform any line work or other ground work before the session as our trainer will begin the session with ground work at her discretion. If you are still unsure, please contact us using the Contact Page to discuss how to prepare your horse.

What requirements are there for training rides?

Training rides are available for any horse and can be ground work sessions or a combination of ground work or work under saddle. They should be used to strengthen skills or work on a particular, small issue. Large training issues or skills should be addressed in a training program.

What is your cancellation policy?

Below is our cancellation policy:

All cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Any no-shows (anyone who does not show up or is not present for the service selected at the appointment time) without written cancellation (through email, text, or cancellation via this scheduling program) will be subject to the entire service cost.

Bills not paid at the time of the appointment or at the time of cancellation will automatically be charged to any payment card on file. This could include a cancellation fee or the entire service cost.