Rein Length
November 14th, 2018

There are two distinct schools of thought in determining the correct rein length. Some people will say you should ride with a short rein until your horse earns the right to have a long rein. Others will tell you to ride with a long rein until you have earned the right to ride with a […]

Threats vs. Actions
November 7th, 2018

18 year old me with my horse looking at me and saying, “Really? I don’t believe you.” There is a certain school of thought in horse training that you should never hit, push, or otherwise use physical force on a horse. Although I certainly don’t want to promote beating horses into submission, I think the […]

October 24th, 2018

Goals are great for life and they are great for our horsemanship journey. They keep us focused on the path ahead and motivate us to keep trying. However, goals also make us rush and forget about the journey that we are all on. When we become too focused on where we want to be we […]

Tying Your Horse
October 17th, 2018

It seems there are as many philosophies on tying horses as there are horsemen. Opinions vary from those that think every horse needs to know how to tie to a solid post to those that never tie. I think there is a middle ground. Safety Concerns When Tying First off, everyone needs to understand that […]

Positivity In Horsemanship
October 10th, 2018

As equestrians I think it is common to anticipate certain outcomes. You might expect your horse to be spooky on the trails or you might worry about him loading on the trailer. You brace yourself for the worst as if being prepared for a bad result is the only way to get through it. All […]

“Bombproof” Horses
September 26th, 2018

When looking at horse ads and iso’s, I constantly see the term “bombproof”. It’s what everyone is looking for and what every kid-safe horse’s ad declares. It seems that for most people “bombproof” is the ultimate sign that the horse is indeed good. However, when I think of the word “bombproof” I see a shut […]

Before You Get On
September 19th, 2018

It seems to me that we spend way too much time focused on riding and not enough time on anything else. Time spent at the barn is categorized as before riding, riding, and after riding. Instead of spending quality time getting ready to ride, we rush to mount and deal with the issues as we […]

The Eternal Student
September 7th, 2018

I think that there is a lot of pressure in the horse world to learn everything. There is this concept that horsemanship is finite; there is a set amount of information, knowledge, and skills that can be learned. I see this most from beginners who ask, “how long will it take me to learn to […]

“Slow” Work
March 22nd, 2018

It seems to me in this whole world of horses everyone is always rushing. We hurry to tack up, to get on, to finish our ride, to get to the show, to get home, to… What’s the point? Why do we even bother riding if that’s how we really feel? I think our whole culture […]