Free Heart Stables is Stephanie Walker’s training and lesson program based at Prevost Ranch in San Jose, CA. Our mission is to provide a place where equines are given the best-possible care with a focus on their mental, physical, and emotional health. Each horse in our program is treated like our own, ensuring that their individual needs are met throughout their training. We hold the same standards for our students by ensuring we provide a fun, relaxed, and safe environment for you to learn.


Free Heart Stables offers a wide variety of services and learning opportunities to meet everyone’s needs. If you are looking for our traditional training and instructional services, head on over to our Services Page to learn more. If you are interested in our online resources then you can learn more in our Online Learning Section.

Team Members’ Biographies

Do you want to get to know our team better? On our biography pages you will fine detailed information on our prior experience, qualifications, and past accomplishments.

If you want to get to know Stephanie better, check out her Biography. Here you will find detailed information about her prior experiences, qualifications, and past accomplishments.

If you want to get to know Mark better, take a peek at his Biography.

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If you have questions about booking an appointment or how to prepare for your appointment check out our FAQ Page. Here you will find tons of great information to answer all your questions.