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At Free Heart Stables we proudly provide top care to our horses by attending to their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our program is based on a foundation of natural horsemanship principles that help us build relaxed, willing partnerships between horse and rider. Our understanding of classical dressage allows us to improve the biomechanical correctness of our horse's movement, promoting soundness and longevity. When you join our program you can be sure that you and your horse will reach your full potential!


Our first goal with any new horse or rider is to achieve relaxation. Without relaxation horses and humans cannot effectively learn, thus leading to needless repetition and drilling. We utilize a variety of groundwork, breathing, and riding exercises to teach both horses and riders how to let down and relax in each other's company. We then continue to focus on relaxation throughout the training process to avoid building tension into any part of the horse or rider's training. Horses and humans learn how to quickly return to a state of relaxation and maintain relaxation throughout normal work and potentially stressful situations.


Many training programs rely on a rhetoric of "being the boss" or establishing "leadership" over the horse. Here at Free Heart Stables we work with the horse by addressing his mental and emotional states in order to create an environment and work situation that the horse truly enjoys. After all, no horse should hate their job. Horses learn that they have a choice in what they do and riders learn how to let go and truly be the kind, fair, and honest partner their horse wants. What results is a willing partnership.

Correct Biomechanics

We strongly believe that every good training program is based on developing correct biomechanics for both horse and rider. We use classical dressage principles, suppling exercises, and focused bodywork to improve horses' gaits, straightness, and balance. We teach horses to use their cores, engage their hindquarters, and lift their backs to allow them to use their bodies correctly. This takes stress off the horses' musculoskeletal system, promoting soundness and longetivity. We also teach our riders correct riding position and aids in order to be effective, balanced, and harmonious with their horses.

Free Heart Stables is a full service equestrian program located at Prevost Ranch in San Jose, CA and servicing the San Francisco South Bay Area. Free Heart Stables offers training and instruction services as well as equine sports massage therapy. We are dedicated to building willing partnerships between horse and rider based on trust, mutual respect, and a love for learning.

We specialize in the English disciplines of dressage and show jumping, but are happy to assist any horse or rider in need. Our foundation of a willing partnership and correct biomechanics transcends disciplines and improves all levels of horses and riders. Whether you are looking to improve your performance, have a better relationship with your horse, or you are just getting started on your journey, we are here to help!

What Our Clients Say

You can tell a lot about a business by what others have to say. We are dedicated to being honest and providing the best possible service for our clients. Read a few of our reviews below or follow the link to read all of our reviews.
Shari D.

Shari D.


"Wow! My first lesson with Stephanie far exceeded my expectations. At first, I was a bit nervous about getting on a horse after 30+ years, let alone working so closely with one. However, Stephanie was very patient..."

Christian B.

Christian B.


"Stephanie Walker at Free Heart Stables is a true horseman. She understands the equine holistically and teaches her clients from where the horse is at physically and mentally, and always for the good of the horse..."

Lindsey R.

Lindsey R.

Training Client

"Stephanie is an all- around great horse woman. Her knowledge got my mare started on a path to success!"

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